No Place for Hate

No Place for Hate

August 21, 2017 Uncategorized 0

This is an interesting time.

Our eyes and ears are filled with disturbing and disquieting images. It is difficult to rise above the fray. It is even more difficult for some not to succumb to anger, divisiveness, and hatred. We are finding ourselves polarized and at cross-purposes with colleagues, friends, family members and neighbors. Our days begin and end with anxiety-provoking and disturbing statements and predictions; much of this disquietude driven by fear and loathing.

It is tough to remain impartial, to attempt to see the world through other people’s perspectives, and to seek a middle ground or moderate point of view. It is becoming even more difficult to stand by, without raising a voice.

There is no place in this world for hate.

We do not need to adopt others’ points of view completely, or accept their personal principles and values as our own. However, we do need to find humanity, in all its wonderful sizes, shapes, and colors. We need to celebrate our similarities and differences, dignify the lives of others, and find reasons to love and live peacefully.

It has become all too easy to find reasons to disparage others, when we should be finding ways and reasons to lift each other up, find common ground, work toward mutually beneficial outcomes, and generate hope. We need to unite and adopt a language of understanding, appreciation, opportunity, and compassion.

Rather than make statements of condemnation for all that has happened to divide us, especially the events of the past few days, we commend those who have come together to demonstrate care, compassion, and healing. Those who exhaust themselves in their efforts to hold each other high, to honor their fellow citizens, to proclaim what is right and good about our nation, and those who continue to spread love.

Thank you to all who are helping us to maintain our faith in what is good, and seek reasons for hope and happiness. Our wish is that your light shines through this darkness and helps us to rise above this trying time.