Colloquia Partners inspiring future leaders at Dickinson College

Colloquia Partners inspiring future leaders at Dickinson College

December 5, 2016 Blog Post 0

Our greatest hope, when we spend time with others, is to inspire a new perspective.  To encourage our audiences to think differently about the intersection of people and business, and to seek ways to make the experience of work more engaging, fulfilling and valuable for each and every stakeholder.

We were incredibly pleased to receive the letter below, from a member of the student and faculty audience at Dickinson College.  Mary reached out following our evening with them in November, and it gives us great joy to have shared a message which resonated so deeply with this student.

Thank you, Mary!  We wish you tremendous success on your journey.


Good Evening Dr. Queen!

My name is Mary. I am a sophomore at Dickinson College and had the opportunity to listen to your presentation last night. I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for coming to Dickinson and sharing your insight and expertise. I enjoyed your talk immensely. I must admit, my sole reason for my attendance was due to an extra credit opportunity for one of my classes. However, attending your talk turned out to be an invaluable experience. Last night, I saw a small glimpse at what could potentially be my future and I liked that a lot.

At Dickinson, I plan to double major in psychology and economics. I find that the business world fuels my competitive nature and drive to be successful. Yet, I am constantly fascinated by the human mind and enjoy the study of people and behavior. These interests are what spark my insatiable desire to learn. However, I have struggled to identify a career or even just a job that corresponds with all my interests.

I was captivated and engaged by your presentation and your company, Colloquia Partners. My dad is a partner and the Americas Transactions Leader for the insurance industry at a large global consultancy where he focuses a lot on Mergers and Acquisitions. It was very cool to hear a different perspective in regards to what he does. Throughout the years, while driving to my many soccer tournaments, I have listened in on several of my dad’s conference calls as well as actively discussed the fundamentals of his job with him. These conversations provided me with a fascination for what he does, yet something was missing.

I am aware that value realization is the key to any business combination. However, it was not until your talk last night that I realized the key to value realization is more than just “number crunching.” Rather, it is dependent upon the success of the client (customers, distributors, regulators, and stakeholders) experience, as well as the employee experience. Most importantly, the communications the buyer and seller have with clients and employees. I loved this outlook regarding transactions and your approach to such transformations.

Your talk highlighted perfectly how my passions for business and psychology intersect. I would love to learn more about your company as well as your insights regarding this topic. 

Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you.



Dickinson College Class of 2019

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