Author: Laura Queen

Artifacts: A Powerful Driver of Your Organization’s Culture

“The bottom line for leaders is that if they do not become conscious of the cultures in which they are embedded, those cultures will manage them. Cultural understanding is desirable for all of us, but it is essential to leaders if they are to lead.” – Edgar Schein Edgar Schein defines culture as the underlying…
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February 6, 2017 0

Colloquia Partners inspiring future leaders at Dickinson College

Our greatest hope, when we spend time with others, is to inspire a new perspective.  To encourage our audiences to think differently about the intersection of people and business, and to seek ways to make the experience of work more engaging, fulfilling and valuable for each and every stakeholder. We were incredibly pleased to receive…
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December 5, 2016 0

Breaking Through the Black Box: Reframing Talent Retention in Mergers and Acquisitions

Your organization is heavily engaged in the pre-merger or pre-divestiture stage of a transaction. As a leader in the organization you and your colleagues have a critical interest in identifying and retaining key talent in critical roles. You’ve tasked yourselves with finding an appropriate method for selecting valued staff members, providing an incentive program which…
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September 13, 2016 0

Living with Purpose

Like many of you, we have become Rio Olympics binge watchers.  Each of us has our favorite events, athletes and human interest stories.  While watching Simone Manuel make history in the Women’s 100 Meter Freestyle event last week, I wondered what her journey must have been like.  She, her coach and her teammates were so…
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August 15, 2016 0

Use your magic wisely. Where are your questions taking you?

Have you worked on a project where your fact finding turns up exactly what you were looking for?  You high-five your project or due diligence team, lean back in your chair and congratulate yourselves for your spot-on intuition and powers of critical observation?  It’s an excellent feeling, and it affirms your self-confidence as a master inquirer.…
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May 24, 2016 0