Are you ready to activate your own Business Leader Evolution ™?

Are you ready to activate your own Business Leader Evolution ™?

March 27, 2017 Blog Post 0

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of evolve includes the phrase, “to…develop slowly, often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state; to develop by a process.”

At Colloquia Partners, our work focuses on helping individuals, teams, and organizations through times of transition. Sometimes the transitions are self-imposed, as when someone is seeking to change employers, roles, or even careers. Other times transitions are caused by external events, such as layoffs, organizational restructurings, or founder/leader changes. Every one of these transitions is interesting, complex, often gut-wrenching and, if done well, life-affirming, wonderful, and fulfilling.

The words change and transformation are often applied to individual or organizational transitions. Many times, we use the word “change” to refer to leaving a position or job, whether it’s a lateral move, promotion, new assignment within a current organization, or when we are seeking a role in some other organization. When I hear the word “change,” in this context, I think “fundamental alteration of something.” Change, to me, means leaving an old version of something behind and becoming something new. It feels punctuated and final – the shift could be described in terms of, I was XX and I am now YY; yesterday I was a Googler, today I am a Yahooer.

But our lives are not so neat and simple. We don’t wake up one day having shed who we were, for an altogether new version of ourselves. Nor should we. While there are minutes, days, weeks—maybe even a decade or so!—that I might like to do over, it is the aggregation of good days and bad, triumphs and tragedies, mistakes and milestones, that make me who I am. And like me, you carry your life events along with you, wherever you go. They make us deeper, richer, more interesting and complex.

Instead of changing…let’s evolve

Instead of changing ourselves and washing away the puzzle pieces of our past that have shaped us into who we are today, what if we looked at such transitions differently, and call them personal and professional evolution instead?

Because of how influential, delicate, and important this work can be, we have branded our own leadership transition practice, Business Leader Evolution™.

Our multi-step approach views change through an evolutionary lens. We want to help you grow, advance, thrive—and we want to use the foundation of who you are to do so. Inside each person, team, and organization there is the possibility of more, of strength just waiting to be uncovered. We want to accelerate that evolution.

“How?” you ask.

The Business Leader Evolution ™ process explores the concept of self-deception and works with individuals to break free from their current “boxes.” All too often, leaders—in fact, humans in general—find themselves in metaphorical boxes. These boxes have been created throughout our lives and exist as a way for you to build up a wall and avoid vulnerability, however, these boxes prevent you from taking the next step in your leadership ability and overall potential. These boxes serve a purpose for you, however, they may be caustic to you and costly to your success.

Our Business Leader Evolution ™ program can help to identify these boxes and, with our team of experts, we can help you break free from the confines of them. Throughout this process, we build upon the hard-won strengths and capabilities of individuals, teams, and organizations, while also developing skills for navigating the future. Revealing everyone’s best and most valuable assets allows you and your organization to move forward on the path to higher levels of success, prosperity, fulfillment and happiness.

We have years of success in this process and in strategically enabling individuals and organizations to become the best and most effective version of themselves. Each of our journeys through evolution has been enlightening, inspiring, and purpose-filled. Partnering with others to help them explore their possibilities for the future, especially after they are truly able to understand the value of their past, is a gift. Watching their evolution is what drives us. And each and every time…it’s unique and incredible.

If you’re ready to take the next step in maximizing your personal and professional life, we are eager to be your guide. Let us help you inspire a (r)evolution today!

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